How much do you want to burn?

Let's Burn Some Shiba!

Burn Punks is the first and largest community driven Shiba Burn. When the burn happens and how big it is, is all up to you! We are committed to burn up to:

20 Billion Shiba Inu

Shiba Burn Counter = 


Light the Fuse

When we get to more than 500 Twitter Followers and 100 punks in the Discord Community, we’ll announce the date and time of the presale  and the countdown will start. 25 days after we sell 100% of the Burn Punks, we’ll do the big burn!

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Grow the Burn

The burn won’t happen without your help and the same is true for growing it up to 20 Billion.  By helping us grow our Twitter following, Discord Community, and promotion on Youtube, you are helping to grow the community and the burn. 

Each Twitter Follower Adds 30,000 Shiba Inu

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Each Discord Member Adds 30,000 Shiba Inu

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Publish a Video about Burn Punks to a YouTube channel w/ more than 20K Subscribers and add 200,000,000 Shiba Inu. Includes opportunity to interview a Burn Punk and live stream the burn to your followers.

The Punks

You’ve never seen crypto(graphic) punks like this.

Truly original 3D designs with millions of potential combinations mixed in to 20,000 Generative NFTs on the Blockchain*.  

It’s easy to imagine these life-like characters in the Metaverse, a video game, or even an animated feature, but at their core they are simply beautiful works of art.  The creativity and workmanship in this collection is truly second to none and they’re all yours.  

That’s right.  Commercial Rights Included. 

ETH or SOL?   We see benefits to both so we’ll let the community decide.

Solana is naturally cheaper to mint but we have created a minting optimization for Ethereum we call ERC721BP that reduces ETH gas fees by removing some on chain processing and use the same batch minting process as ERC721A.  We will release this later as Open Source.

The Future

After the burn we have big ideas for the Punks, but we ultimately want the project to be driven by the community and we believe that by investing in the community we can grow the Burn Punks legacy and support continued value.


We are a global community of courageous explorers and dreamers.

We believe that what we dream we can manifest.

We will learn, grow, and build cool things together in this new frontier.

We are only limited by our imagination and our will to act, but together we can accomplish anything. 

We commit to listening to each other without prejudice in positive ways for the collective good. 

No ideas are dumb, but some have more potential and we will work together to implement what is best for all based on trust of eachother and the blockchain.


Brand Promotion & Reinvestment

We hope you are buying your Burn Punk for the future value and not just the burn. We are reinvesting a portion of our sales back in to promotion effort to help ensure a high floor and continued interest.

ERC721BP & Blockchain Innovation

ERC721BP allows for batch minting to save gas & minimizes calls to the blockchain in every step to save more than even ERC721A. Just one example of blockchain innovation and more to come.

Special Access

Early access to future drops, exclusive giveaways, and airdrops.

Commercial Rights

You have the right to make money from your Burn Punk and to create derivative works. It's pretty open...
Full Terms

Web3 Launch Support

Have an idea for an NFT or a Metaverse project, but need help getting it off the ground? Burn Punks can apply for funding and support.

Shiba Utility

We want to enable Shiba Inu to grow after the burn and therefore we will be investing in projects that offer utility to the coin or enable systemic burns.


“Light the Fuse” begins.  When we hit 500 Twitter and 100 Discord the clock starts to the presale.
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Official Presale of 20,000 Burn Punks will be announced when we “light the fuse” on Twitter and Discord. The sale will last just 48 hours.  During that time you can buy a Burn Punk for 0.089 ETH or SOL equivalent.

Progress 0%

Burn Punks go on sale 48 hours after the presale on for 0.15 ETH or SOL equivalent.

Progress 0%
Burn Punks Gallery goes live.  We will be featuring the entire Burn Punks collection here on Burn so we can track the entire collection and understand rarities and the unique value of each.
Progress 0%

The BIG BURN happens.  25 days after we sell 100% of the collection we will burn the number of Shiba Inu calculated at the time of the last sale.  

Progress 0%

Make ERC721BP and WP minting plugin Public. ERC721BP is an improvement of the ERC721 protocol that enables lower gas fees per transaction through batching and off-chain processing.  

Progress 0%
Web3 Project Investment & Support.  We will be accepting Web3 project proposals from the BurnPunks community and quarterly we will invest and/or provide project support.
Progress 0%

Shiba Utility Investment & Exploration.  We realize that systemic burns are the answer to burning even more Shiba and that real utility will give Shiba the best potential for future growth.  For these reasons we will explore and discuss ideas with the community and are reserving funds for investment in these projects. 

Progress 0%
Giveaways, access to drops, and events.  We’ll announce future giveaways, contests, events, and more in our Discord. Our goal is to create a vibrant community where everyone can benefit.
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True to the nature of this project, we’re a truly decentralized team driven by one vision. These aren’t our real names, but we wish they were.

Arson Wells




Chip Vicious

Art Director

Asher Pile

Web 3 Developer


Social & Community

Flint Sparks



NFT stands for “Non-fungible token” and is a cool way of saying it’s a truly unique digital item that YOU can buy, own, and trade and the case of Burn Punks, market yourself.

The official presale will be announced when we hit 500 Twitter followers and 100 people in the Discord Community.  Follow us on Twitter or join our Discord for updates…  *hint hint.  

During the pre-sale, each punk will be priced at 0.089 ETH or SOL equivalent based on what the community decides.

The pre-sale will last 48 hours.  After then, the price per punk will be 0.15 ETH or SOL equivalent.

Get the Metamask Chrome or Firefox extension. Load it with ETH through the exchange of your choice, such as Coinbase, Gemini, Binance or Kraken.

When the pre-sale starts, we’ll have a “MINT” button on the top banner of the site.  

With your Metamask wallet enabled and ETH in your wallet, connect your wallet and approve the transaction.  That’s it!

We are working with multiple Twitter influencers and prominent NFT release schedules. We will also make our Burn Punks known through traditional channels and video.

Your Burn Punk NFT will appear in your Metamask wallet. You can also see your freshly minted NFT art directly on your account.

You are free to do anything with them based on our terms and conditions. Burn Punks adheres to the ERC-721 standard so you can trade them on platforms like OpenSea.

The burn will happen 25 days after we sell 100% of the Burn Punks collection. 

After the sale of a 100% of the Burn Punks NFTs we will work with the community and supporting YouTube channels to do a live burn.  At that time, we will transfer the final amount calculated on the Burn Counter at the time of the last Burn Punk is sold (up to 20 Billion Shiba Inu) – based on Social activity and video coverage.  The Shibu Inu will be transferred to the wallet known as the Black Hole:  0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 and that money will be removed from circulation. 

Good question! There are pros and cons of each. SOL is cheaper to mint, faster, and it’s now listed on Opensea, so it’s potential for the resale market is likely to improve. ETH is the typical blockchain for premium NFTs like Burn Punks, but high gas fees makes it less attractive all around. Ultimately we understand both arguments and believe the community can help us decide.


Burn Punks is an independent and decentralized group of artists and developers.  We are not affiliated with Shibarmy, Shiba Token, or any other Shiba related group, but we are fans and we believe in the project.  If you represent one of these groups and want to work with us, please contact us.  We want to work with you.  We are also not affiliated with Larva Labs, Crypto Punks, or any other punk related project.  We are 100% original, unaffiliated, and decentralized.